Basic Skills Course Selections

Placement Into ENGL070-Reading/Writing I

**(Based on Accuplacer score.)

Students may take courses from the following:

Course # Course
ARTS110 Fundamental Drawing 
ARTS111 Crafts
ARTS112 Introduction to Ceramics
ARTS120 (inactive) Introduction to Printmaking Processes
ARTS128 Introduction to Photographic Methods
ARTS125 Art with Computers 
ARTS217 (inactive) Weaving
AVIT140 sUAS Operations Multi-Rotor
AVIT185 Remote Sensing Using UAS
CISM102 Computer Fundamentals-Windows
CISM106 Internet Research
DANC171 Modern Dance I
DANC172 Modern Dance II
DANC173 Jazz Dance I
DANC175 (inactive) Tap Dance I
DANC271 Ballet I
DEVA110 Introduction to Career Development
DEVA155 Student Success Seminar
HOSP132 Food Service Sanitation
HPED117 Archery I
MATH073** Introduction to Algebra I-Prealgebra 
MATH074** Introduction to Algebra II
MATH099** Accelerated Elementary Algebra 
MATH121 Applications of Mathematics
MATH122 College Algebra
MATH150 Precalculus
MATH220 Statistical Methods
OSTM101 Keyboarding
OSTM110 Keyboarding/Document Production I
OSTM125 Notetaking
THEA100 Theater Production
THEA111 Acting I
THEA210 Play Production I 

Placement Into ENGL080-Reading/Writing II

Students testing into ENGL080-Reading/Writing II have the option to participate in the Accelerated Learning Program (See Testing section for details) or enroll in ENGL080. Students who have passed ENGL070, with a grade of C or higher, must take ENGL080. 

Students taking ENGL080 may select courses from the ENGL070 list or the following:

Course # Course
AVIT107 Aeronautical Knowledge Seminar

Roles of the Early Childhood Professional


Infant/Toddler Development: Theory/ Apps.

CISM108 Microsoft Word
CISM110 Microsoft PowerPoint & Outlook
CISM125 Introduction to Computers
CISM162 Microsoft Excel
CISM166 Quickbooks Online
GIST101 Introduction to G.I.S.
HPED150 Concepts of Physical Fitness
OSTM125 Notetaking
OSTM141 Word Processing I
OSTM210 Keyboarding/Document Production II
SGNL101 American Sign Language
TVRF103 Digital Video Production I
TVRF180 Audio Production I

English as a Second Language

Advanced English as a Second Language students may take any of the following college courses in conjunction with full semester (16-week) ESLN092 or ESLN100:

Course # Course
CISM108 Microsoft Word
CISM110 Microsoft PowerPoint and Outlook
CISM125 Introduction to Computers
CISM166 Quickbooks Online
MATH121 Applications of Mathematics
MATH122 College Algebra
MATH150 Precalculus
MATH220 Statistical Methods

College Skills Courses

If a student is required to enroll in ENGL080 (Reading/Writing II), it is expected that they take DEVS111-College Skills with a linked social science course. DEVS111 should be completed before enrolling in other courses except as those listed below.  ESL students who complete ESLN099 with a grade of B- or better are exempt from DEVS111.

DEVS111 is linked with:

Course # Course
EDUC110/PSYC110 Child Development: Theory and Practice
PSYC101 General Psychology
PSYC135 Child Psychology
SOCL101 Principles of Sociology

Students enrolled in a linked College Skills/Social Science course combination (e.g., DEVS111 and PSYC101) may not withdraw from the DEVS111 course without also having to withdraw from the linked social science course. However, students who choose to remain in the DEVS111 course by itself can do so and may withdraw from the linked social science course only.

(DEVS111, with its linked social science course, and ENGL080 may be taken concurrently.)