Atlantic and Cape May County Residents 

See “Admission to Atlantic Cape”

Other Counties

Students who are not residents of Atlantic or Cape May counties are required to file chargeback forms every semester upon registration or they must pay out-of-county fees.  A chargeback authorizes Atlantic Cape to bill the student’s home county in New Jersey for the out-of-county portion of the tuition. It is the student’s responsibility to verify eligibility for a chargeback with the home county. Forms are available from the local county treasurer’s office or community college.

To be eligible for chargebacks, residents of counties other than Atlantic or Cape May will need to:

  • Be a valid resident per the requirements of their home county.
  • Enroll for a course or program that is not offered by their home county college.
  • Demonstrate minimum competency on the next-generation ACCUPLACER.
  • Request a “Certificate of Inability to Admit Form” (chargeback) from their home county college admissions office certifying they do not offer the course.
  • Process necessary paperwork from the home county treasurer’s office to obtain a chargeback.
  • Check with the home county for additional information, deadlines and residency requirements.

Atlantic Cape will allow registration at the in-county rate for students from counties that require proof of registration to obtain a chargeback. The student must sign a chargeback promissory note. For further information on payments or chargebacks, call the Bursar’s Office at (609)625-1111, ext. 5244, or (609)463-4774, ext. 5244.