Course Descriptions

Course descriptions are listed alphabetically by subject area. The four letters of the acronym identify the subject area, followed by three numbers identifying the course. The first number to the right of this information indicates lecture hours, the middle number laboratory, clinical or field study hours, and the third is the total credits for the course.

All college-level courses require a demonstrated level of proficiency in English. Courses that do not list a prerequisite require placement into ENGL101 or successful completion of ENGL080.  Students who test into ENGL070 or ENGL080 may only take courses listed in the Basic Skills Course Selections chart (see the Testing section) unless they are enrolled in the Accelerated Learning Program. Some courses list prerequisites or corequisites under the title. Prerequisites are courses or requirements which must be satisfied before enrolling in a course. A corequisite may have been taken prior to enrolling for the course or may be taken concurrently.

The College strongly recommends students meet with an advisor before registering for courses.

General Education Elective - Any college-level approved general education course (See Atlantic Cape-General Education Courses list)

Liberal Arts Elective - Any college-level course carrying the following course prefix: ANTH, ARTS, BIOL, CHEM, COMM, DANC, ECON, ENGL, ESCI, FREN, GEOG, GOVT, HIST, HUMT, ITAL, MATH, MUSC, PHIL, PHYS, PSYC, RELG, SGNL, SOCL, SPAN, THEA. (Exceptions:  ENGL070, ENGL080, ENGL099, MATH073 and MATH074, MATH099)

Free Elective - Any college-level course in the curriculum. (Exceptions: DEVA110, DEVS111, DEVA155, ENGL070, ENGL080, ENGL099, MATH073, MATH074, MATH099, ESLN060, ESLN062, ESLN070, ESLN071, ESLN072, ESLN074, ESLN075, ESLN080, ESLN090, ESLN091, ESLN092, ESLN093, ESLN094, ESLN095, ESLN096, ESLN099, ESLN100, or any course designated remedial or developmental)

Program Elective - A group of courses recommended by a department to meet the degree requirements. See specific program page.