Grants and Programs

For additional information and eligibility requirements, visit and choose “services for students” and “financial aid.”

Educational Opportunity Fund-EOF

A New Jersey grant program for selected, eligible students from educationally disadvantaged backgrounds who have exceptional financial need. It is available to New Jersey residents only. Dreamers may qualify.

Federal Pell Grants

These grants provide financial assistance to students enrolled in an eligible program as determined by a national formula. The amount of the award is based on eligibility as determined by the Pell Grant formula, the cost of the program, and enrollment status.

Federal Supplemental Educational

Opportunity Grant-SEOG

A federal program, FSEOG provides money to undergraduate students with financial need. Pell Grant recipients with exceptional need are given priority. Awards are based on limited federal appropriations.

Tuition Aid Grant-TAG

Available to New Jersey residents only, this program provides aid to full-time and part-time students. Dreamers may qualify.

Community College Opportunity Grant

Available to full and part-time New Jersey residents only.  This program covers tuition and approved fees for students who qualify and have a total household adjusted gross income (AGI) between $0 - $65,000. NJ Residents with AGIs between $65,001-$80,000 who qualify will be eligible for up to 50% of the maximum CCOG award. Dreamers may qualify.