Mission, Values, Vision and Goals



Atlantic Cape Community College provides inclusive, accessible, and equitable educational programs and services to transform lives and empower students to successfully meet their academic, social, and career goals, while also supporting the diverse needs of our community.


  • Student-centered: Remove barriers to maximize student success.
  • Respect: Celebrate and value a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture.
  • Integrity: Responsible and ethical use of resources.
  • Excellence: Provide the highest quality programs and services.
  • Collaboration: Nurture academic, business, industry, and community partnerships.
  • Innovation: Encourage creativity, flexibility, and change.


Atlantic Cape Community College provides an innovative, student-centered approach to learning.

The College anticipates and fulfills academic and workforce needs, strengthens our community’s economy and partnerships to create seamless pathways to maximize student growth and success.

An integral part of the community, known as a caring institution focused on delivering quality educational programs and support services throughout all aspects of the student experience both inside and outside of the classroom.


  1. Engage: Ensure high quality and equitable student, employee, and community stakeholder experiences.
  2. Support: Provide innovative services designed to bolster student progress and wellness that enhance the educational experience.
  3. Educate: Cultivate an innovative and inclusive climate for high quality learning across the college community responsive to both immediate challenges and long-term needs.
  4. Achieve: Eliminate barriers to increase academic, social, and career goal attainment for all students.
  5. Excel: Provide fiscal, human, and technological resources that maximize efficiency while delivering innovative, responsive, and inclusive programs and services that foster excellence.