Requests for Chargebacks

Chargebacks are a process created by the State of New Jersey so that students are not charged higher tuition costs for attending an out-of-county college should their home county college not offer their chosen program of study.  Chargeback requests may be approved by home counties for the following reasons:

  1. The county’s community college does not offer the program or course.
  2. The county’s community college does not have space available in the program or course.

In order to complete a college chargeback, bring the following to your county’s Treasurer’s Office:

  1. Certification of Inability to Admit (Request for Chargeback)
  2. Class schedule
  3. Driver’s license and Social Security card

Out-of-County Residents

Students who reside outside Atlantic and Cape May Counties are eligible to apply for admission to Atlantic Cape.  The student should obtain a chargeback letter when registering for classes to turn into their home county college for processesing, or they must pay the out-of-county tuition rate. See Tuition/Fees web page for more information. 

Atlantic and Cape May County Residents

Chargebacks are issued to Atlantic and Cape May County residents who are enrolled in programs not currently offered by Atlantic Cape. Eligible students may request a “Certificate of Inability to Admit” (chargeback) from Atlantic Cape by October 15 for fall classes, March 1 for spring classes, and July 18 for summer classes. Chargebacks issued after these dates will result in an automatic denial.

Atlantic County residents must take their form to the Atlantic County Treasurer’s Office. Cape May County residents must take the form to the Cape May County Treasurer’s Office. If you are issued a chargeback refusal, you must take the form back to the college you are attending.