General Education

Atlantic Cape Community College General Education Statement

The General Education curriculum will enable students to make informed judgments concerning their personal lives as well as choices posed in their social and physical environments as global citizens in a sustainable world. The curriculum is designed to enhance students’ ability to master inquiry, communication skills and technology skills, to understand and appreciate the methodologies of the major academic disciplines where knowledge is created, and to apply that knowledge to varied problems and circumstances of personal, public and professional life.

The General Education core of A.A., A.S, A.A.S., and A.F.A. degrees will:

  • Introduce students to the knowledge, skills and attitudes that promote their responsible interaction with the natural, cultural and political worlds.
  • Contribute to the students’ lifelong intellectual growth.
  • Contribute to the students’ personal development.

The goals of the General Education core are to encourage:

  • Critical thinking leading to independent thought and intellectual breadth.
  • Cultural and global awareness.
  • Ethical and civic awareness.
  • An understanding of problem-solving and analytical thinking.
  • Physical and mental well-being.
  • An understanding of human behavior and social institutions.